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Live Video Recorded Demo
Daytime and Night Vision Clear
  • Full HD 1080P
  • IR Led Night Vision
  • Mobile phone alarm
  • Video Recorded
  • Voice Intercom

Full HD 1080P: Two million ultra-high-definition pixels, with a maximum resolution of 1920 * 1080, are six times larger than the average camera

IR Led Night Vision:Make you visible even in the dark night.

Mobile phone alarm:In case of emergency, the intelligent cloud camera will send the alarm message to the phone via the client

Video Recorded:The video you care about can be stored in the SD card or cloud box, and you can view the video video from your mobile phone at any time

Voice Intercom:Through the smart cloud camera, we can chat with our families and communicate more easily

Easy Installation:60 second simple installation, true plug and play, just download the corresponding client, can be used

Smart Wi-Fi:Smart WIFI configuration, which can be connected without wires

Digital Zoom:Use hand gestures to zoom in on the image, more details, at a glance

Multi-User Monitoring:A smart cloud camera, many people watch at the same time, the picture is still clear, unobstructed, feeling kind

Mobile phone to watch:Wherever you are, you can always see what you want to see through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device